Our family


Welcome to James Ritter Lumber. We have over 40 years of experience providing quality hardwood products to our customers. We produce and sell both green and kiln dried lumber, cross ties, pallet cants, and pallet stock. We also purchase logs and standing timber.

We are family owned and operated with 3 generations now involved in the company. JRL isn't just a business to us, it is our life and our future and we have a commitment to it that you can rely on.

If you are currently doing business with us, we thank you. If not, we are eager to earn your business and invite you to experience the difference we can make. We have the quality you demand, the flexibility to accommodate your special requests, and the capacity to keep you well supplied. Most of all, we provide the type of customer service you deserve.

US Appalachians


Our quality starts with the best raw materials available. Because we are located in the central Appalachian region of the United States, our production begins with some of the finest hardwood timber in the country.

And it doesn't end there. Our production lines are set up and our employees are trained to emphasize quality over quantity. Every log is different and our skilled sawyers analyze each one to determine the best way to saw it to achieve the highest grade of lumber possible.

And when they saw it, they saw it true, earning us a reputation among our customers for consistently delivering quality lumber of uniform thickness.


We handle every aspect of lumber production ourselves, from purchasing logs and standing timber, to sawing the logs, Flexibility and Capacityto drying, storing, and selling the lumber.

Because we control the entire process, we have the flexibility to accomodate you when you have a special need or request. If you need an order prepared for international export or if you want lumber cut to a special width or thickness, we are ready to help.


Whether you need a few pieces of lumber to finish that back-yard deck or whether you need a steady supply to keep your furniture manufacturing business running smoothly, we have the capacity to meet your needs.

We own and operate 4 sawmills in the southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee area with a combined output of over 20 million board feet of lumber per year. Our dry kilns hold 220,000 board feet of lumber and we have over a million board feet of warehouse storage space. Put it all together, and we have both the production and storage capacity to keep you well supplied.

Customer Service.

We value customer satisfaction above all else and we strive to make every customer Our pledge to youfeel like they are our only customer. While we are large enough to serve anyone, we are small enough to give you the individual attention and respect you deserve.

Our goal is to provide you with professional, courteous, and efficient service, and it would be our privilege to be given the opportunity to do so.